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Resources and Links

Here are some helpful resources and information to help you start learning about autism and how to advocate for your child...

Autism Society of North Carolina

Autism Society Of North Carolina Bookstore

Autism Society Bookstore Buy Here

Autism Society of America

Exceptional Children's Assistance Center


NC Public Schools - Department of Exceptional Children

Autism Speaks

The Autism Perspective

This is a free online magazine about ASD. It has alot of personal stories and information to benefit anyone needing to know more about autism and other disorders associated with it.

The Autism File USA magazine

Age of Autism



North Carolina CAP (Client Assistance Program)



A Local Online Yahoo Group



Need some answers? Join Gifts NC Yahoo Group. GIFTSNC is a special place for parents who homeschool one or more children with physical, developmental, medical, communication or learning challenges. GIFTSNC is the place to discuss and exchange ideas regarding: curriculum choices and modifications, medical and therapy issues, providing social opportunities and so much more.

Special is a great website, with LOTS of great information. This site is filled with articles about everything from education to future planning. It is filled with recommendations and products for all children. 

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