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Monthly Meetings *Director Position

We are at a stand still with the meetings right now. Our group has had problems with attendance and having a full time director for the group. Our past director had to step down due to personal reasons and it had been a problem finding someone to take her place full time. At this time she is still kinda the stand by director, her and the director before her are kinda doing it together. So basically the group is in need of a director, someone that can plan meetings and other task, if anyone is interested in this position please send an email through the contact page and someone will get in touch to explain more.

Person County is in need of a Autism Support Group and I am hoping in the coming year we can come together and find a way to bring a much needed service to our community.Everyone is busy and has their own lives so that is why it takes a "group". I believe all of us have a common interest that is well worth the time but it can't be done by 3-4 people it has to be a team. 

I also need so input about the website, I would love to keep it up to date and current but I too am only one person. I would really like it if some of the members would write some of the articles or share some information that they think others would like. I am happy to post. If you have a story to share please do so.

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