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Recommended Books

All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa

by Kim Stagliano

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Honestly one of the best autism books I have read yet. Kim Stagliano is a mom of three daughers on the autism spectrum and has written a book about her experience with her girls, schools, insurance, doctors, family, her husband and everything in betwen. I love the honest, straight to the point, in your face writing style of Stagliano. She gave me a whole other outlook about living with autism. I found the humor in the writing refreshing, it is unlike most other books about autism which are usually filled with depression and negative situations. Not to say there wasnt times while reading this book that I didnt feel sad but then in the next sentence she would find humor in a situation. You should keep in mind this is a memoir so Kim gives her opinion about everything from vaccines to the doctors caring for her children, so you may not agree on everything she says but it is HER life. I personally think she hits the nail on the head and is unlike most and just states what she sees. So in my opinion I think this is a book that everyone (including Dads) should read if you know anyone living in a life with autism because everyone needs to be reminded that there can be humor found in the worse situations. After reading this book I feel like I now have a new friend and I expect that was one of her objectives. Thanks Kim and I look forward to reading more of your work.

Kim is also the managing editor for the website Age Of Autism

and also has her own BLOG.


       Parenting on the Autism Spectrum- A Survival Guide

by Lynn Adams

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Lynn Adam on Facebook

Lynn Adams was nice enough to send me a copy of this book and since I am some what new to autism and the autism community it was a excellent resource for me. She is a autism and behavior consultant for the schools in Georgia at the current time. This book addresses everything from characteristics of autism to intervention to potty training. It is very easy to read if you are looking for one certain subject so you do not have to read though the whole book in order to find the one answer you seek. It not only gives you information on parenting a child with autism but parenting in general, alot of the content can apply to everyday parenting challenges. I have been a person that looks to others for opinions and that is one thing about this book that I enjoyed, at the end of each chapter she would explain what she believes about that subject. I highly recommend this book if you are a parent, whether with autism or not the information is useful and if you think you tried everything, you might find one more thing to try.


1001 TIPS For the Parents of Autistic Boys

by Ken Siri

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At first glance "1001 Tips for the Parents of Autistic Boys" may look like most of the other "tip" books you have encountered but you will be surprised. I really enjoyed the numbered tips and individual sections and chapters. If I wanted to read about homework problems I could just look in the front of the book for the chapter on school then go right to it. Ken Siri has made it easy to find exactly what you need.

It is filled with information to explain what you can do if your child has a meltdown or sensory issue in a particiular place. It also includes "Tips for helping people with autism and their families have a Happy Holiday" by the Autism Society of America. I found it was very informative about trust funds, taxes, schools, treatments, and all issues in between.

This is a well written book that I am sure will come in handy to anyone the is raising a boy with autism.


Why Do They Do That? Answers to Questions You Might Have About People with Autism and Asperger Syndrome...and Tips You Can Use to Help Them! DVD

by Laurel A. Falvo

Laurel Falvo, CFLE, is a Certified Family Life Educator, and the Executive Director of The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding. She is the author of many other resources including ASD to Z: Basic Information and More Than a Sum of Diagnostic Difference: A Positive Perspective on Autism and Asperger Syndrome (which I will be reviewing at a later time).

This DVD would be very helpful to someone or a group that is looking to find out the basic information about autism and how to help. It will help to understand language and communication,behavioral differences, and social issues. It is only a 20 minute video and it kept the attention of my 9 year old, it would be useful for adolescents and adults also. It left me with an understanding and awareness of how people with autism may feel and what I can do to help interacts more successfully.

This DVD was produced for The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding in Zeeland, MI

Be sure to check out the website for The Gray Center for more information.


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